Recipe For Success Food & Beverage Expert Services Overview

    You learn about how to identify the real market opportunities, then moving into creating an idea that capitalizes on the opportunity. We then scope out a business model that can make money based on working on your specialty food business.  You get from Kitchen to Cash fast!

    So Who Am I and Why we can Help You?

    Well I started in the food business as a teenager working for my family business, Celentano Bros. Inc. Prior to selling the company we were the number 1 frozen prepared meals on the East Coast and best known for our Round Ravioli.

    Over the years I learned every facet of the food business, running a major food production facility, developing over 75 different products, launching products and managing food brokers in 30 states... managing an internal sales force of 10 people, developing winning packaging concepts and creating compelling retail buyer presentations and in-store marketing programs.  

    In addition to my experience of 30 plus years I received an MBA in Food Marketing from Saint Joseph's University, the only university with a master degree in food marketing. I also write the columns for Food & Beverage on and have the inside story on the latest trends and techniques that food entrepreneurs need to know.  

    I have seen and experienced it all and am uniquely qualified to help you anywhere in your path, whether it be Getting out of the Kitchen, Getting your products On The Shelf or promoting your product to Get it on the Consumers Plate!

    Recipe for Success Expert Services Program Outline

    The Foodpreneur Recipe for Success Program covers four steps in your food entrepreneur journey:

    Before You Get into the Kitchen

    Getting Your Idea Out of the Kitchen

    Getting Your Product on the Shelf

    Getting Your Product onto the Consumer’s Plate & into their Hands

    Want to See the Program Details?

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